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We, at Aye Kapitän, bring to you the world through the eyes of a select few, a select few who get the opportunity to work in nature's lap and watch it in its full glory.

Have you ever wondered how a sunset in the middle of the Pacific looks like? How a starry Mediterranean night sky glistens? What lightning looks like from 37000 feet? What It feels like to fly by the Swiss Alps?

Look no further! Aye Kapitän is an online photography portal which strings together stunning photographs by Genuine Sailors and Aviators, photographs which bring to you a world you've never seen before!

Browse through our galleries for a surreal and breathtaking collection of pictures! Don't miss the amazing"Wanderlust" page which will transport you to any place in the world, just click and travel!

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Monthly Competitions will be initiated soon with focus on different areas every month! Attractive prizes to be won not just for the winner, but for runner ups too!

Through your lens, show people what it looks like sailing on the high seas / flying at 37000 feet and beyond!


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